Federal Signal ValorFor officers who rank safety as a top priority and desire a low profile appearance, the distinct non-linear shape of the Valor™ lightbar provides 360-degrees of light output and off-axis lighting at critical intersection points. This low-profile lightbar is engineered to outperform a typical linear lightbar.

Valor is built with Federal Signal’s Solaris® LED reflector technology to maximize powerful LEDs for superior light performance. For optimum performance, Valor offers the HotFoot™ system for additional LED alley and takedown lights.

In combination with its specific shape, Federal Signal introduces the SpectraLux™ multicolor LED technology. SpectraLux technology provides the ability to change LED colors for combinations of Amber, Blue, Red or White. Valor has built-in SignalMaster™ capability for directional traffic warning.

FS Convergence Network’s “plug-n-play” capability offers ease of installation and programming. This technology reduces bulky cables to streamline installation.

Manufactured with ROC (Reliable Onboard Circuitry™), the Valor has fewer failure points than a typical lightbar. Fewer failure points mean longer hours that a vehicle is in operation. Service is made easy with the simple disconnect feature to easily remove the lightbar from the vehicle.